21 March 2013

We don't see things as they are...

I joined a class about Lettering on skillshare... Skillshare is a global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing. I'm very enthusiastic about this site and what it offers!

For my class project I chose to illustrate words by Anaïs Nin, a famous American writer (1903 – 1977). My initial plan was to vectorize my work in Adobe Illustrator, but since I'm completely new at this, I now decided to use Photoshop for this project... and vectorize a somewhat shorter quote in Illustrator soon ;-).

P.S. I can't decide on which version I should send in as my final work... What do you think?


  1. Zo mooi Anemieke! Mag ik hem op mijn fb pagina zetten?

    Groet Maaike

    1. Oh, wat leuk om te horen Maaike! Dankjewel :-)
      En natuurlijk mag dat! Graag met een linkje naar m'n blog... ;-)
      Fijne zonnige zondag en groetjes, Annemieke