28 January 2015

Floris is born!

In 2012 I made the birth announcement card for Sjoerd and Elsbeths first born baby girl Iza. She's now nearly 3, and turned into a big sister this month! Her baby brother Floris is born on januari 19. All is well with him and his mother. And Iza is a happy and loving sister. It was a pleasure for me to make Floris' birth announcement as well. When Sjoerd and Elsbeth asked me, they already had an idea in mind. At the front of the card they pictured themselves a street with typical Dutch houses... and baby Floris in his buggy in front of his own home. On the inside I drew a queue of fancy old cars (boys will be boys, and will love cars after all) and big sister Iza walking up front proudly pushing the buggy. Baby Floris curiously peeking round a corner. ;-)

Congratulations and all the best wishes to this dear family!