2 November 2017

My monthly favourites...

Last year I started a new practice and project... I've been drawing my favourite things of the month! More than just a fun way of documenting things that have happened, this turns out to be a very mindful and valuable activity.

At the end of each month I sit down and look back at every day that has passed. I write down a list of things that made me smile, were meaningful and gave me a warm, happy feeling. This list often tends to be so much longer than I would expect! From this list I pick about 6 events and turn them into an illustration. I number them, and write down a brief memory to go along with them.

Here a little overview of my year so far: 

If you like to see them more up-close, please check my instagram account.

Oh and: yup, August is missing. It was our summer holiday month and I made an on-the-road sketchbook... Which is why I haven't got round to drawing my favourites as well. 

Anyhow: I'm glad I started doing this practice. It feels like celebrating life. Something I hope to do every day of the month :).