24 April 2016


It's raining baby boys lately... Simon is born!

In 2014 I was happy to design big brother Thomas birth announcement. And recently parents Niels and Anneliese asked me to make Simons card too. :-) They also had an illustrated story in mind...

At the front of the card they wanted Simon and his toys to arrive by hot air balloon. We played with the idea to make him arrive by airplane too, but the hot air balloon idea won. 
On the inside you see Simon in his crib, safely at home and cosily asleep.
And at the back of the card the two brothers are out to explore the world together...

Congratulations sweet family! 


19 April 2016

Hello baby boy!

Yay, Otto is born! Six months ago his then pregnant mother Lisa from Puur Pippa baked our delicious wedding cupcakes. Later she asked me if I could make Otto's birth announcement. It turned out to be a sweet and simple design with watercolour dots.

I've just received a pretty printed version, along with the blue and white confetti... So fun! :-)

Congratulations to dear Lisa, Sjoerd & big sister Filippa!


3 April 2016

Oh Creative Blog

Instagram brings such lovely and creative people into my life. Like sweet, Australian lady Shannon from Oh Creative Day. We connected via #4ThingsILove (a hashtag made up by Shannon, aka @ohcreativeday, and her friend Hazel, aka @hidden_egg).

I love Shannons happy making instagram feed and blog, full of inspiring creative ideas. Please do check them out :) She has a great eye for finding beauty in everyday things and I just adore the way she creates precious memories and learning experiences with her kids through art, craft & picture books.

Of course I was super excited when she asked me to make her a new blog header! She had a clear vision of the colouring and shapes she liked, so I could start working on it pretty much straight away... Di-da-doodle time followed:

Aaand here's how it turned out...

So happy she's chuffed with the result :) 

P.S. This was actually my first experience making someone (other than myself) a header. Super fun! Thanks for your trust and enthusiasm Shannon. xx