6 August 2013


Usually I work quite structured. I'm the list-making-type (including working with categories, an overview on priorities and steps to make to reach a certain goal). I like to make a plan. To put things on paper that are otherwise floating around in my brain. As if, when writing thoughts down, they become manageable. Not that it always helps me out though... But still.

Sometimes however I like doing the complete opposite. I enjoy having no plan at all. I like to just do something and wait and see what happens. It's a bit out of character, and scary too, I think. But that's part of the deal. It's a little adventure on itself...

I notice it often works that way when being creative. You can have something in mind to make (maybe just a vague idea at first). And then gradually while making it, a new idea comes to mind, and the original idea changes. Things are being added, that I probably couldn't have thought of on forehand. It just pops into my mind spontaneously while being in the process... and surprises me.

It happened with this little piece as well. I was only doodling a poppy. No plan. Just a sketch. And then suddenly it felt so alone on the page, and I added the words. And then the words seemed a bit incomplete, and I added green to it. And then there was this space between the flower and the word LIFE. And I added a honeybee. And then this is what came out of it...

I think I should doodle freely more often. It's almost therapeutical for me ;-)