27 February 2013

Words, words, words

I like to listen closely to lyrics, enjoy poems and love striking lines in movies. Often I scribble down a quote that sets me thinking, makes me smile or touches me somehow. Here are some I liked from the movie Elizabethtown...

14 February 2013

First (and pretty romantic) blog post

And here it is... my first blog post ever. It feels a bit like starting to write in a brand new notebook! Scary but fun :) On this blog I'm planning to collect and share drawings and hand lettering I make. I hope to gradually develop more and more my own drawing style and built up a portfolio. My Instagram on the other hand will be more like my scrapbook, where I post a mishmash of photos and sketches. So... ok, that's settled then. Here we go! ;)

Below you'll find a set of love-quote-cards I'm working on. And since it's Valentine's day, it seemed time to post a few today. More will follow though. Love quotes are for every day of the year, right?

Happy Valentine's day!

Quote from one of my favourite poems by E.E. Cummings, i carry your heart with me.

Quote from the song Time in a bottle.

Quote from the movie Sweet November

Hand lettered quote from Pride & Prejudice

Quote from the song God only knows from The Beach Boys

Quote from the movie The Bridges of Madison County

Quote from Sam in the movie Love Actually.