21 July 2016

Doug & Mary's favourite things...

Recently I've finished a lovely personal commission. Instagram friend Ruth from Northern Ireland asked me to make a favourite things illustration for her parents, who both turn 75 this month. It turned out to be a collection of special moments, things Doug & Mary love to do and their family of course. I loved drawing all the little details...

So here's how the illustration eventually turned out...

And then I received the wonderful picture below. The best Thank You ever :-)

Congratulations dear Doug & Mary! I wish you many more wonderful years together. 💕

19 July 2016

Tiny House Magazine

For my 100 days drawing challenge I drew a cute tiny house made by Wind River tiny homes.
Andrew Odom, managing editor of Tiny House Magazine and co-founder of Tiny r(E)volution, noticed my drawing on Instragram. He loved it and asked if he could use my illustration in the July issue of Tiny House Magazine as their “The Last Call”; which is a parting shot of the tiny house world on the last page of their magazine. But of course, and thanks for asking Adrew. I love the magazine you make, and to now be a tiny part of it!