20 December 2014

A Merry Christmas portrait...

When browsing on Etsy I am always drawn to custom made portraits... I love the different and unique ways in which artists capture a person, couple, a beloved pet, or a whole family. If you like you can check out this portrait treasury I put together on Etsy of artists I admire. When also my favourite magazine Flow wrote a story about custom portraits this year, I began to think: "Why not just try to make one myself?".

With Christmas around the corner I planned on making a personalized Christmas card with a portrait of me and John... Also featuring our little owl Uiles (a soft toy that somehow came to life, speaks with a lisp and always travels along with us on holidays).
I must admit: it wasn't easy to draw us. But after a couple of tries and with a bit of help from Photoshop, this is how it turned out... 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & all the best for the New Year! Xx