28 October 2015

Love and marriage... and illustrations!

The past few months I've been excited and busy designing my own wedding invitations, menu and other paper goodies. And I must say: it was quite difficult for me having to postpone this blogpost with the endresults until after our wedding day. ;-) But now I can finally share this... Yay!
My wedding theme was autumn, since John and I married on October 15, 2015 (15 years after we met in the fall of 2000). Here's what the envelopes with my very own stamps looked like...
I had been wanting to make our own address stamp for aaages, so now was the time!
Here's the complete wedding invitation suite (including the leaf-placement-cards, cake-toppers and thank-you flags to put on our wedding favours, which were little plants).
I wanted the card to tell a personal story. At the front I made an image of our two hands holding each other while sitting at a table. My hands are different, because of my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; smaller and more fragile. But they can still love and create. This is how we often sit together at a restaurant... Simply enjoying each other company, sharing an apple pie, listening to music and each enjoying our own interests (me: a notebook and pen to write and make drawings / john: his iphone that symbolises his love for gadgets; being a software engineer and nerd in general).
And then at the inside it was all about our autumny wedding and our venue: De Hortus Botanicus in Leiden...

And to conclude: our matching menu...
All in all it was quite some work, but a joy to make!