23 April 2013

On repeat

While fooling around with white ink, I repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated these wise words by Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and polymath...

22 April 2013

On the move

My dear friend Frederike and her three blond boys are on the move... From now on her boyfriend Stefan's home will be their home too. Yay! She asked me to make them a personal change of address card. What a fun assignment! Here's how it turned out..

My congratulations to Frederike & her four men :)

Front of the house & card

Back of the house & card

11 April 2013

A gloriumptious Roald Dahl quote

I very much enjoy Roald Dahls stories. They're so full of wit and wisdom. And I just love all the gloriumptious, fantastagorically and swizzfigglingly words he invented... like snozzcumber and jumpsquiffling. :-D

Today I illustrated a lovely quote from his last book The Minpins. It's actually one quote, but I made it into a set of two cards.

Here's my humble collection of Roald Dahl books...