26 August 2014

Can't stop loving stop motion

Stop motion and time lapse videos have always intrigued me. I remember being a small girl, about 5 years old, and watching TikTak... A Belgian children's programme that often used stop motion effects (paper froggies hopping around and such) and little time lapse art tutorials. I loved those most of all! It made each craft project they showed seem so easy.

A few years later I enjoyed watching Postman Pat; a well known British children's television series that was stop motion animated. How DID they make this?, I wondered. When I was about 10 my dad, being an amateurphotographer & gadget collector, made us a little set up to shoot a clay animation. This is a fond memory of mine. I discovered it took a loooooot of time and patience, but what a thrill it was to watch my clay puppet eventually come to life... even for a few seconds. ;-)

Nowadays the most amazing films and short videos are made using these techniques. Recently I loved watching the music video of Paper Plane a song by Massimo Giangrande, animated with wonderful illustrations and paper cuts by Felicita Sala. P.S. The behind the scenes video is just as cool! Also I see more and more cool time lapse art tutorials popping up...

Inspired by all this, I'm now in search for a nice app to make my own short stop motion or time lapse videos using just my iPhone or iPad. If anyone has a good tip? Meanwhile I made this tiny stop motion video using the app iMotion... Excuse me for the poor picture quality & weird sudden ending, but still it was fun to create. Wanting to make some more in the future!