10 November 2016

Yi ya yoga!

Ever since Laura from InBloei coaching asked me to make illustrations for her new kids yoga studio Bloesem kinderyoga, I've been learning a thing or two about yoga…

It was a joy for me to draw these kids in different yoga positions, and of course I couldn't fight the impulse to try them all out! That is… the tree, the lotus, the triangle, the bound angle, the bow, warrior II and the cobra pose. Yup, quite a few. ;-) With a pencil behind my ear and a brush between my teeth, obviously.

Oh, and while kids (or adults) are being so busy yogaing, they seriously need some watercolour confetti too, don't they? So there you go…

For all mindful, Dutch moms and their (highly) sensitive kids, please do check out Laura's lovely work as a mindful mommy coach, nutritionist, kids yoga instructor and child coach!

And... she's on social media too :-)
Instagram: Laura In Bloei
Twitter: Bloesem kind
Facebook: In Bloei Coaching