2 November 2017

My monthly favourites...

Last year I started a new practice and project... I've been drawing my favourite things of the month! More than just a fun way of documenting things that have happened, this turns out to be a very mindful and valuable activity.

At the end of each month I sit down and look back at every day that has passed. I write down a list of things that made me smile, were meaningful and gave me a warm, happy feeling. This list often tends to be so much longer than I would expect! From this list I pick about 6 events and turn them into an illustration. I number them, and write down a brief memory to go along with them.

Here a little overview of my year so far: 

If you like to see them more up-close, please check my instagram account.

Oh and: yup, August is missing. It was our summer holiday month and I made an on-the-road sketchbook... Which is why I haven't got round to drawing my favourites as well. 

Anyhow: I'm glad I started doing this practice. It feels like celebrating life. Something I hope to do every day of the month :).

17 October 2017

Making monograms...

It's been aaaages since I last posted on my blog. 🙈 I'm still here though!

A while back I've worked on a little typography project... I've been making a few decorated monograms. On I did a lettering lesson of my dear instagram friend Alexandra Snowdon. Please do check out here lovely feed... She's a big inspiration to me!

First I made pencil sketches, then I inked my illustrated letters... and the last step was watercolor painting it.



So here's how my project turned out... I like ampersands a lot, but I could’ve left it out, since JA means YES in Dutch. 💪🏼

20 April 2017

Little book of connection

My friend Piet Koek and I recently collaborated and made a little zine for our just married friends. We both know the bride for about 20 years now; we met when we were all students Creative Therapy. Music Therapist, writer and storyteller Piet wrote a lovely (Dutch) poem about the bride, our friendship and our wishes for her and her husband. I made illustrations to symbolize our friendship and wishes.

It was both Piet and my first little book project, and we're quite happy how it turned out!
Here's a little video of me flipping through it... Hopefully not to quickly for you to read. Or else just pause it whenever you like. ;-)


15 April 2017

They said: "Ja!"

Last week my dear friend Frederike married her love Stefan. ❤ It was a beautiful day!

I’m excited I can finally share the wedding invitation I designed for them... At the front I illustrated their pretty wedding location: Castle De Schaffelaar in Spring time, peeking through the fresh green leaves. A little bird is singing them a love song, obviously. ;-)

I enjoyed drawing all the little branches and leaves... And laying the bricks of course.

At the back I painted little symbols to visualize their day program.
Here's how it finally turned out...

It was so fun to see how my illustrations were used during their day. The leaves were printed on the chocolats around their wedding cake. The castle was printed on their wedding favors. And they put real grape hyacinths along with pretty name tags, handlettered by the bride, on the plates during the dinner party. Pictures will follow... ;-)

I'm wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of love and happiness! 💑