27 October 2018

All you need is love...

One evening earlier this year I was sketching at my desk. By chance I tuned in to the lovely @gem_aliye on her Periscope channel. She played her piano and sang beautifully... I was hooked from the first minute. 🙂 Meanwhile her boyfriend @peteremusic came home; I heared him singing and cooking in the background... It felt like I suddenly was a guest in their livingroom, quietly enjoying their music. Soon after we started following each other on Instagram, Gem asked if I could illustrate their wedding announcement... I was happily surprised! 😍

Here's how it turned out. Full of roses, peonies, gold foil and a mini Gem & Peter playing their instruments. Or in fact: playing each others instrument... Gem on Peters guitar, and Peter on Gems (imaginary 😉) grand piano. Music is a huge part of Gem & Peter's lives, and it brought these two lovebirds together.

It's a little wait for their wedding day still, but I wish them a lifetime of love, music and happiness together! 💞