22 March 2019

New stuff...

Nowadays it seems like almost every illustrator I follow on Instagram is hooked on the iPad pro using Procreate. I felt curious and tempted for quite a while… For years I've been drawing by hand, and using Photoshop to edit my illustrations. Which I still love doing by the way!
But December 2018 I gifted myself an iPad pro and apple pencil. I downloaded Procreate and since then I'm discovering all possibilities... and there are A LOT of them.
Sometimes I feel terribly clumsy and slow when drawing digitally. Then I sigh and think: This illustration would've been finished hours ago, if I had made it by hand. But of course that's part of the learning process, and I gotta practise my patience too. ;-)
Besides I can also mix familiar ways of creating with new ways. Such as drawing illustrations by hand first, and edit them in Procreate later on. Or draw something in Procreate, and edit the layered psd-file in Photoshop. This makes so much more possible. Yup, you probably noticed: I'm enthusiastic! :-D

Here a few of my latest drawing experiments…

So this will keep me busy for a while… In the famous words of Pippi Longstocking:
"I have never tried this before, so I think I should definitely be able to do this"
Right? ;-)