31 May 2015

Deniz's favourites

My friend Elif asked me to make a custom illustration for her husband Deniz, as a gift for his birthday. Deniz travels a lot to conflict areas all over the world for his work as mediator at Red Cross. And with this gift Elif wanted to give him a reminder of all the things he likes and loves. How sweet is that! 

I watercoloured a few of his favourite things, including some inside jokes... like his not-so-very secret spoons of Nutella or his occasional sneaky sigarette. And yes, this man has a love for beautiful math equations too. Above all he loves his family, including doggy Nena.

Happy birthday Deniz! And thanks for this lovely custom request Elif! 

1 May 2015

May Calendar

Hopefully May will bring us a lot of good things... At least these butterflies will try to brighten up your days. :-)


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Note: This calendar is free for personal use only.