27 October 2018

All you need is love...

One evening earlier this year I was sketching at my desk. By chance I tuned in to the lovely @gem_aliye on her Periscope channel. She played her piano and sang beautifully... I was hooked from the first minute. 🙂 Meanwhile her boyfriend @peteremusic came home; I heared him singing and cooking in the background... It felt like I suddenly was a guest in their livingroom, quietly enjoying their music. Soon after we started following each other on Instagram, Gem asked if I could illustrate their wedding announcement... I was happily surprised! 😍

Here's how it turned out. Full of roses, peonies, gold foil and a mini Gem & Peter playing their instruments. Or in fact: playing each others instrument... Gem on Peters guitar, and Peter on Gems (imaginary 😉) grand piano. Music is a huge part of Gem & Peter's lives, and it brought these two lovebirds together.

It's a little wait for their wedding day still, but I wish them a lifetime of love, music and happiness together! 💞

22 January 2018

She took the leap

My dear online friend Nienke and I met years ago on Flickr, before Instagram was even a thing... ;-) She makes beautiful photos and I love how she blogs passionately about the many things she's interested in... Such as the art of living, philosophy, motherhood, her adorable DIY projects (crochet and toys for her little girl Amber), minimalism, traveling and making the world a better place... :)

Recently she changed to a new platform (WordPress) and asked if I could make her a logo to give her blog a fresh new look. Such a fun and personal commission! Nienke wanted her logo to be nature themed.

I started painting watercolor leaves and berries. For the brush lettering I used black ink..

With a little Photoshop-magic the logo design finally turned out like this...
For her social media icons I made this smaller version...

In case this made you curious, please take a look at her lovely online space: !

19 January 2018

Welcome little Mila

Sweet baby Mila is born! And Amy turned into a big sister... I loved designing the winter themed birth announcements for these girls. Congratulations to the proud parents!