21 October 2014

A Miekes Makes Instagram Giveaway!

The last few weeks I've been lettering six TED quotes from favourite talks of mine. Four of which I posted on my blog earlier. These two are the newest:

Quote from Amy Cuddy's talk "Your body language shapes who you are".

Quote from Elizabeth Gilbert's talk "Your elusive creative genius"

Now I figured it is time for my first Miekes Makes Instagram Giveaway. Just because it's fun!
I kept my Giveaway simple. If you like to join in, here's how it works:

You can win a print (A5 size) of one of these six hand lettered TED quotes from Brene Brown, Sir Ken RobinsonSusan Cain, Alain de Botton, Amy Cuddy and Elizabeth Gilbert. To enter, log in on your Instagram account (I do hope you have one ;-)), tell me which quote you would like to receive and tag a friend who might want to join this giveaway too. Please check previously posted photos for a closer look at the other prints.

I'll announce the winner Wednesday next week (October 29th 2014). Good luck to all! :-)

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