30 January 2016

Cheers to 50 years!

Close friends of my parents recently asked me to design their 50th wedding anniversary invitation. What a wonderful request! I’ve known Tineke & Aad all my life and they are like an aunt & uncle to me, which made this a lovely personal commission.

Below are the first sketches I made for them. I wanted to either make a design with words that were meaningful to them, or a design with illustrations of meaningful things and situations.

After a family brainstorm (including a delicious homemade dinner) they decided on the illustrated version. I loved painting all the little details...

And here's the end result...

There are so many things they enjoy, as you can see! Never a dull moment for them. ;-) On the inside I painted a branch that's part of a beloved painting they own..

And this tiny cheese cube car is on the back... 

What's up with all the cheese, you might wonder? Well, the golden wedding couple used to be cheesemongers. They owned a very nice store, and yes: they also drove in this super fun cheese cube car! They have a great sense of humour. :-D

Happy 50th wedding anniversary dear Tineke & Aad! May many joy filled years follow!


  1. Hello Annemieke!

    It's DeliaAnne (actually, just Delia) from Instagram! I've been following your blog for some time now and loving your work so much! I just started being more active on IG about three months ago and found you there also. I went to your Etsy shop but saw you didn't have anything listed. I was wondering if you sell your pieces anywhere else? I hope so because I absolutely adore everything I've seen. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just wondering if I could shop for your work. What is your "style" of work called? It is my favorite. :D Also, I'm glad I checked in with your blog because I always look at IG on my phone. When I came here, I could see all the details in your latest project better! It is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work. It is a lovely delight. :D

    1. Hello Delia! Oh wow, this is just so lovely to read, thank you! I'm really happy you like my work! And I'm happy we found each other on IG too :). I'm not sure what my style is called actually; that's a good question… I mostly use watercolors and ink, but also turn hand drawn sketches into digital ones. Overall I try to make lighthearted, happy illustrations. I don't have an Etsy shop (yet) I'm afraid. But if you're interested in an illustration, or in case you have an idea for a personal commission, you can of course always drop me a line :). I do have a spoonflower shop btw, but that may not be what you're looking for:
      I haven't been as active on my blog as I would like to be; I'm much more active on Instagram lately. But I'm hoping to change things a bit on my blog and be more productive here as well… In case I open up a shop, I'll let you know. ;-) Thanks again for your kind, encouraging words Delia, and see you around! Xxx