3 April 2016

Oh Creative Blog

Instagram brings such lovely and creative people into my life. Like sweet, Australian lady Shannon from Oh Creative Day. We connected via #4ThingsILove (a hashtag made up by Shannon, aka @ohcreativeday, and her friend Hazel, aka @hidden_egg).

I love Shannons happy making instagram feed and blog, full of inspiring creative ideas. Please do check them out :) She has a great eye for finding beauty in everyday things and I just adore the way she creates precious memories and learning experiences with her kids through art, craft & picture books.

Of course I was super excited when she asked me to make her a new blog header! She had a clear vision of the colouring and shapes she liked, so I could start working on it pretty much straight away... Di-da-doodle time followed:

Aaand here's how it turned out...

So happy she's chuffed with the result :) 

P.S. This was actually my first experience making someone (other than myself) a header. Super fun! Thanks for your trust and enthusiasm Shannon. xx


  1. Well done clever ladies!!!
    You are amazingly creative! I love it!

    1. Thank you dear Cathy! Your comment makes my day :) It was great working with Shannon!