19 July 2016

Tiny House Magazine

For my 100 days drawing challenge I drew a cute tiny house made by Wind River tiny homes.
Andrew Odom, managing editor of Tiny House Magazine and co-founder of Tiny r(E)volution, noticed my drawing on Instragram. He loved it and asked if he could use my illustration in the July issue of Tiny House Magazine as their “The Last Call”; which is a parting shot of the tiny house world on the last page of their magazine. But of course, and thanks for asking Adrew. I love the magazine you make, and to now be a tiny part of it!


  1. Lang leve IG, heel erg leuk joh!! Ik vind trouwens de hele Tiny house beweging helemaal geweldig :-))

    1. Haha... ja dankjewel Denise! :-D Ik ben ook echt een Tiny house fan. Heb je de docu 'We The Tiny House People' van Kirsten Dirksen op youtube toevallig wel eens gezien? Leuk en enthousiasmerend :-)